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AKMI Group of Companies participated in the kick-off meeting of KA2- SSA - Skills Blueprint for the Contrustion Industry project, held in Madrid the dates 31st of January 2019 to 1st of February 2019, in Fundación Laboral de la Construcción premises. The project, which is funded by the EACEaims at implementing a new strategic approach towards a more effective cooperation of the Construction Industry on Skills Advancement through Innovative Practices and Exchange of Good Practices. The participating organizations are coming from 12 different European countries which is evident of a highly representative partnership in European level and maximum impact.

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The 6th and the last transnational meeting and Bench Mobility under the Erasmus+ programme ‘‘Developing Personnel Competence for Access / Access to Tourism (ComPass 2016)'' took place in Athens from Monday 21st of January to Friday 24th of January 2019.

ComPass 2016 is an EU funded programme and it is implemented by partners from 6 countries (Germany, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia and Greece).

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The 4th Meeting of EURO4SCIENCE 2.0 was organized in Warsaw in 11th January 2019. EEO Group S.A participated among the other partners from Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Turkey.

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EEO Group S.A participated in the 4th Project Meeting  in the framework of the programme “Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education- Exchanges of Practices”, which was hosted in Potenza (Italy) in the period 14th and 15th of January 2019.

medlit press release

Το MedLit#45+ είναι ένα πρόγραμμα στρατηγικής συνεργασίας στον τομέα της εκπαίδευσης ενηλίκων, το οποίο χρηματοδοτείται με την υποστήριξη του προγράμματος Erasmus + της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης με στόχο την προώθηση της ανάπτυξης δεξιοτήτων, της απασχολησιμότητας και της ένταξης στην αγορά εργασίας, ατόμων με χαμηλή ειδίκευση ή ανειδίκευτών. Το έργο υλοποιείται μέσω εταιρικής της συνεργασίας 6 χωρών: Ρουμανίας, Ελλάδας, Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, Ιταλίας, Πορτογαλίας και Ισπανίας. Το MedLit # 45 + σκοπεύει να αναπτύξει και βελτιώσει τις ψηφιακές ικανότητες των ανειδίκευτων / χαμηλής ειδίκευσης ανέργων 45+ μέσω καινοτόμων εργαλείων, ώστε να αποκτήσουν κίνητρα και να αναπτύξουν την ικανότητα να δημιουργίας μιας ισχυρή επαγγελματική ταυτότητας στο διαδίκτυο για να ενισχύσουν την πρόσβασή τους στην απασχόληση.

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We are hiring!

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Consultant for EU-Funded Projects

(Ref: CEP01)


The opportunity:


Do you like to travel? Do you consider yourself as a Citizen of the World? Are you an EU enthousiast? Then... read more!


EEO Group, has always been a game changer in the sector of education, employment, social inclusion, and regional economic development. We’ve worked and established ourselves as a European and National Leader and we are deeply passionate about what we do, because we know that our work does improve lives.


We offer high-quality, customised project implementation services turning innovative ideas into funded projects. This ranges from EU grants to private investments identification, including consortium building, application writing, selection of experts, negotiation, budgeting, quality control and evaluation of projects.


Currently, we are seeking for a dynamic and self-motivated EU-Funded Projects Consultant (Ref: CEP02) to become part of our dynamic team in Athens.




Your role as an EU-Funded Projects Consultant will focus on all aspects of the EEO Group business strategy.

More specifically, you will demonstrate and develop your ability to:

  • Prepare Applications and Technical Proposals indicatively under Erasmus+, REC, AMIF, EMFF, and other Programmes etc.
  • Participate in the formulation of vivid partnerships.
  • Engage research teams in various scientific areas (mainly education and social integration issues).
  • Manage Project implementation



To qualify for the role you must have:


  • Academic background with a Bachelor or/and a Master’s degree preferably in European Studies
  • Excellent English Knowledge (both written and oral).
  • Responsibility, consistency and adherence to strict deadlines
  • Proven track records in drafting, and implementing EU funded projects
  • Travel availability (Schengen and non-Schengen)
  • Excellent command of MS Office (mainly Excel and Word formatting)
  • Administrative, organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledge of a second language will be considered as a strong asset.




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The new Erasmus+ 2019 Guide has been published and AKMI Group of Companies is ready for new proposal submissions and partnerships.

A new Erasmus+ year is going to start and our Group of Companies is ready to submit and be involved in new proposals by fostering thought-provoking ideas and to establish strong, winning and productive consortia across EU promoting and sharing European Common Values.

Our experienced and skilled team is ready for new inspiring projects aiming to:

  • Harness the full potential of education
  • A more skilled and resilient workforce
  • Tackle skills mismatches
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Fight discrimination
  • A  more United, Stronger and Inclusive Europe

Join us to live the unique experience of the Erasmus+ projects…

Your Trust, Our Responsibility…



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(Erasmus+, EaSI, AMIF, REC, Horizon and more...)

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Erasmus Days


On October 12th and 13th the Erasmus Days are celebrated with a view to showcase the impact of Erasmus+ projects and in particular to facilitate the communication and cooperation among the relevant stakeholders throughout Europe.

As a leading Management & Consulting firm, EEO Group S.A supports this initiative and expresses its commitment for further productive and innovative ideas, understanding the diversity of the EU, promoting Cohesion Policy and sharing European Common Values, under the Erasmus+ projects.

EEO Group S.A and its affiliated organizations have implemented more than 40 Erasmus+ projects with an accumulative total budget of 20M euros, working with more than 250 partners, in the following fields:

  • Social Inclusion
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Adult Education
  • Capacity Building in Higher Education

with expertise in Drafting High-scoring Proposals, in Quality Assurance Mechanisms and in Designing of Tailor-made Curricula within State of the art facilities and IT equipment.


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Η Ανώνυμη Εταιρεία Παροχής συμβουλευτικών υπηρεσιών EEO GROUP AE μέλος του Εκπαιδευτικού Ομίλου ΑΚΜΗ, με πολύχρονη παρουσία στο χώρο σε Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό, αναζητά:

Σύμβουλο ανάπτυξης και υλοποίησης Εθνικών και Ευρωπαϊκών έργων και προγραμμάτων

(Κωδικός Θέσης: M015)