AKMI Group of Companies supports the European Vocational Skills Week

AKMI Group of Companies supports the European Vocational Skills Week which is taking place during the 5th-9th of November 2018. VET is one of the four education and training sectors (together with schools, higher education and adult learning). European Vocational Skills Week aims to raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities available through VET, and encourage more people to participate and learn what it has to offer.

VET plays a fundamental role in the lifelong learning continuum by providing young people with the appropriate qualifications for a smooth transition to the labour market, as well as adults with the means to continuously upskills and reskill throughout their lives. VET responds to the specific needs of the economy but also develop people´s skills for personal development and active citizenship across EU.



How AKMI Group of Companies is contributing to the upgrading of skills

 AKMI Group of Companies as a leading organization in the area of vocational education and social development (human resources, education & training, labour markets) undertakes a wide range of projects and activities regarding the upgrading of skills, tailor-made for youth people. Recognizing the importance of skills in the job market and its contribution in the social inclusion, AKMI Group of Companies has implemented various projects in this area, including Erasmus+ Key Action 2 and Key Action 3 projects.

Modern societies are knowledge driven. They tend to require different and better skills and competences that need to be enriched throughout working life. Within this tentative environment, reforms in general, higher education and VET systems, providing better access to labor market, are a necessity. Within this framework, AKMI Group of Companies has been involved either as Coordinator or partner in numerous projects across EU, which aim to promote Vocational Education & Training, aiming to ameliorate the skills of youth people and workforce overall. Projects such as VET2Business, Sharing Skills, Mu.Sa, J.U.M.P, AXESS, Woodual address, among others, youth unemployment and contribute to high quality skills and competences. ICT and soft skills are in the core of our policy, which are an effective tool nowadays for everyone in order to have more opportunities to find a job.

These projects, and many more, are focused on the upgrading of vocational skills, social inclusion and development AKMI Group of Companies not only contributes with its experience and expertise in the upgrading of workforce skills, including the youth people, but also it facilitates their social inclusion providing learning opportunities and eradicating the skills mismatches. Knowing that education and training are the appropriate pathway for youth to chase their dreams.

Vocational Education & Training could change the World…


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