EEO Group S.A hosted the 3rd meeting of the AXESS project

EEO Group S.A organized and hosted in its headquarters the 3rd Meeting of the Erasmus+, Key Action 2, AXESS Project, on 13th of December 2018. AXESS is the concrete answer to specific needs in the field of upskilling adults, with focus on Digital Skills for low skilled adult women. The ultimate goal of the project is to enhance employability of women through developed and more proactive social and civic engagement. In today´s world this is firmly linked with the level of digital skills.

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During the meeting partners had a constructive discussion, covering all the aspects of project implementation. EEO Group S.A as the leader of the Intellectual Output 3 “AXESS Content in 7 languages” presented, through its Consultant Mr. Georgios Koulouris, the progress in the development of training modules. Partners highlighted the good quality of the content and they analyzed the next steps of the translation in partner’s languages.

Furthermore, Intellectual Output 4 “AXESS Pilot and Validation” was analyzed in a thorough way from CDI and the dissemination plan from IHF. AINova (leader organization) had the management of the meeting and emphasized on the time management, administrative issues, multiplier events and reporting of project.

EEO Group S.A was represented by their Consultants Mr. Georgios Koulouris and Mrs. Ira Skalida.

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