Kick-off meeting of the new project EnVISION

DSC 27751

AKMI hosted on 22 March, the kick-off meeting of the new EnVISION project, which was awarded under the R.E.C. Programme of the European Commission. EnVision, which started in February 2019 and will last 24 months, brings together 3 Greek and 2 Cypriot organisations including the VET institute AKMI, the Central Union of Greek Municipalities, the non-governmental organisation ‘Helping Hand’, the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and Zewelepe consultants.

The project aims to foster the successful inclusion and participation of mobile EU citizens & their family members in the host EU countries’ civic and political life; to increase the capacity of public administration in order to enable their participation and improve awareness of mobile EU citizens regarding civic activities. The project EnVISION is the first attempt to provide a solid methodology on including EU mobile citizens in public consultation in local societies. The meeting was coordinated by AKMI and the participating organisations discussed the time-plan and their assigned role throughout the work packages of the project. AKMI was represented by Mr. Theodore Grassos, project director, Ms. Olga Marinea, project manager and Ms. Viktoria Topalidi, financial manager. Further to implementation, the partners discussed the realities of EU mobile citizenship in Greece and in Cyprus, and the local society challenges that the project aims to address. The meeting was, also, attended by two members of the student association SAFIA, who participated as observators.