EEO Group took part in the 2nd meeting of the EntreComp Framework Implementation Project

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EEO Group took part in the 2nd virtual meeting of the EntreComp Implementation (ECI) Project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Consortium was not able to meet on-site in Greece as scheduled and decided to conduct the meeting virtually demonstrating great resilience and high commitment to the project’s activities and their implementation.


During the online meeting, Partners discussed the current project progress and stated that the activities are perfectly aligned to the initial schedule. In particular, partners discussed the finalisation of the report for stocktaking on the dynamics of entrepreneurial competencies at European level: the report will capture the state of implementation of the EntreComp Competence Framework for entrepreneurial skills which develop implementation tools and training content for the European VET systems. The meeting also allowed the partners to plan the definition of the training contents that will be developed in the next months of implementation.

EEO Group, representing Greece, will conduct the National Report upon the use of the EntreComp framework in Greece and has the overall responsibility of the projects’ quality assurance and evaluation.

ECI is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme and implemented by 8 Partners from 6 countries, i.e. Belgium, Greece, Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland. The project aims to improve the understanding of the word “entrepreneurial” in order to tackle economic and social challenges.

Although widely endorsed, the “EntreComp Framework” has not yet been adopted at a systemic level in the field of VET nor tested in real settings. The Project EntreComp Implementation has the objective of “operationalizing” the “EntreComp Framework” by developing implementation tools and training content for the European VET system to adopt “EntreComp” in operational environments and ignite entrepreneurship.

Needs and target groups to be addressed: ECI has selected 6 competencies along with the three areas of the “EntreComp Framework” as following to work on:

1.2 Creativity: Develop creative and purposeful ideas

1.5 Ethical and sustainable thinking: Assess the consequences & impact of ideas, opportunities and actions

2.1 Self-awareness and self-efficacy: Believe in yourself and keep developing

2.5 Mobilizing others: Inspire, enthuse and get others on board

3.1 Taking the initiative: Go for it

3.3 Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity & risk: Make decisions dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk


For more information on ECI: visit the project website or contact Mrs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from EEO Group.