The EntreComp Implementation Training Material is out

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The training material of the EntreComp Implementation Project is now available for a free consultation!

During the implementation of the Intellectual Output 3, the ECI partnership designed and created 6 training modules, each one of which focuses on one Entrepreneurial Competence of the EntreComp Framework.

The thematic areas that these modules cover are:

  • Creativity
  • Ethical and sustainable thinking
  • Self-awareness and self-efficacy
  • Mobilising others
  • Taking the initiative
  • Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk

EEO Group collaborated with d-ialogo on the preparation of the training module of “Mobilising others”, which is comprised of the didactic Units of:

  1. Conviction through enthusiasm and inspiration
  2. Communication: effective, media-oriented and sustainable
  3. Persuading and inspiring others in value-creating activities

You can access the training material on this link:

You can learn more about the project’s outputs in the following newsletter: