Programme Design, Management & Evaluation

Management Consulting Services respond to the needs of Ministries and Public Authorities who are responsible for the implementation of multi-annual Operational Programmes funded by the Structural Funds. EEO supports the planning of Operational Programmes, offers services for their specialization, assists the Managing Authorities to timely implement the responsible OPs, analyses risks stemming from delays and immature actions and undertakes initiatives across a vast array of domains. EEO has a special expertise in delivering management services in direct support of programmes and projects and also advise and secure funding for projects from both public and private sources. Indicatively EEO offers services for Programme Design, Management and Evaluation.

Evaluation is an inherent part of a policy cycle. EEO has considerable experience of the evaluation of policy interventions at Programme and Project level either regionally, nationally or at European level. Assignments include formation of integrated Evaluation Plans, development of monitoring and evaluation systems and implementation of formative and summative evaluation.

Quality Control of ERDF and ESF Project Proposals: EEO led the Consortium for this Europeaid funded project in Bulgaria. The overall objective of the project was to enhance efficient expenditure of Structural Funds (ERDF and ESF) resources in Human Resources, Administrative Capacity and Regional Development Operational Programmes related measures in financing period 2007-2013. The main services provided included drafting of a Procedural Manual for quality control of ESF and ERDF proposals, approximately 70-90 ERDF and 250-500 ESF project proposals including grant scheme proposals controlled by the quality control team, and the development and installation of an electronic quality control mechanism.

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Regional O.P. Ionian Islands and Western Greece: EEO was in charge of the mid-term evaluation of the ROP Ionian Islands and Western Greece. The type of services EEO provided included, among others: overall programme evaluation (for physical output and economic performance), development of databases, and supportive information system, rationalization of the evaluation indicators, preparation of evaluation reports and case studies, consultancy on programme revisions and updates.

Ex-Post Evaluation of the Priority Axis 2 of the O.P. Education & Initial Vocational Training: This project constitutes the ex-post evaluation of the interventions of Priority Axis 2 (PA 2) of the Operational Programme “Education & Initial Vocational Training” (EPEAEK) 2000-2006 which are to be continued in the Operational Programme “Education & Lifelong Learning” (OPELL) 2007-2013. Priority Axis 2 aimed at the development and improvement of education and vocational training within the framework of an integrated lifelong learning system that allowed for continuous updating of the knowledge, skills and adaptability of young people and adults, improving their employability throughout their lives. The assessment of PA2 actions ended with a road map which guided the implementation of similar projects in education during the programming period 2007-13.

Ex-Ante Evaluation of the O.P. Fisheries 2007-2013- Greece: EEO was in charge of undertaking the ex-ante evaluation of the Operational Programme Fisheries 2007-2013 for Greece. The Evaluation Team examined and assessed the following parameters: the medium and long term needs, the objectives to be achieved, the expected results, the quantified targets, the consistency of the strategy proposed, the community added value, the extent to which they have taken account of the priorities of the Community, the lessons and experience gained from the previous programming period and the quality of mechanisms for implementing, monitoring, evaluation and financial management.

Mid Term Evaluation of the Single Programming document for Rural Development 2000-2006: The Single Programming Document on Rural Development (SPD RD) 2000-2006 had a total budget of 2.69 billion €. Its main objectives were to increase the competitiveness of the Greek agricultural sector through support of restructuring; enhance the quality of life in harmony with the social and natural environment; enhance the environment and countryside through support for land management. The Mid-term evaluation, examined the initial results of the assistance, their relevance and the extent to which the targets have been attained. It also assessed the use of financial resources and the monitoring and implementation process.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


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