Public Administration

Our work in the area of Public Administration includes among others application and evaluation of public policies and programmes, organisational and functional reorganisation and administrative restructuring, coverage of the needs of public administration in training and studies focused on reducing the administrative burden.

ΕΕΟ delivers added value services to public sector towards improving the effectiveness of public policies. The company provides specialized knowledge to meet the needs in the management of Structural Funds in the public and private sector. ΕΕΟ also assists private corporations in reinstating or enhancing their competitive advantage by supporting large scale projects.

Technical Assistance for the Project “Human Resources Development of the Public Administration-Reform and Reorganisation in the context of Information Society”: EEO provided a wide range of consultancy and supporting services to the National Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) in order to monitor, evaluate and implement successfully the aforementioned project, funded by the O.P. Information Society.

Technical Support for the Project “National Telecommunications Network of Public Administration -SYZEYXIS”: Syzeyxis was the major Hellenic Programme for the modernization of the Public Administration IT capacity In the framework of this project, EEO contributed to the improvement of the management system of the project along with its subprojects, the quality assurance of every deliverable, the assurance of connectivity and interactivity of the subprojects, and the establishment of e-Government Web Services for the support of the management system of the project and its subprojects and for the facilitation of the interaction/communication between the parties involved.

Preparation of the Occupational Profiles stemming from IT projects in the Hellenic Public Administration and development of relevant training programmes: EEO systemized all IT project designed and implemented in Greece ( funded by OP Information Society during the period 2000-2006), analyzed the job positions that these projects would demand for their sustainable function, grouped these job positions in relation to the Hellenic Public Administration legislation, prepared their Occupational Profiles, designed modular training programmes based on the knowledge, skills and attitudes described in the Occupational Profiles and delivered training packages ready to be used by the National Centre for Public.

Development of an accreditation system for the training of public servants: EEO provided technical assistance to the National Center of Public Administration (NCPA) in Greece for the development of an accreditation system for knowledge and skills of all the public servants who were trained by the NCPA. EEO developed the accreditation methodology, created the Information System which supported it, delivered the accreditation material for more than 12 training thematic fields and assisted the implementation.

Operational Plan for public administration reforms in the Hellenic Ministry of Development: In the framework of this project, EEO contributed to the development and specification of the new Operational Plan for the modernization of the administrative structure in the Hellenic Ministry of Development. The main target was to identify the major administrative needs in order to improve and strengthen the administrative capacity of the Ministry. In this context, the Operational Plan integrated a number of interventions, in the form of tiny action plans, promoting “good governance” in all its aspects, including by ensuring the rule of law, improving the efficiency and accountability, developing human resources and integrating ICT in the public management etc.

In Bulgaria, within the Bulgarian NSRF 2007‐13, EEO adjusted (2009) the Management and Audit Scheme for ESF and ERDF interventions on public administration which enabled timely comparative evaluation of all proposed relevant actions at the project pipeline.

In Cyprus, within the Cypriot NSRF 2007‐13, EEO implemented (2008) the Evaluation Study of Monitoring Indicators of the Cypriot Management and Audit System with emphasis on the OP "Employment, Human Capital and Social Cohesion", which included indicators of all projects related to the Public Administration in Cyprus. In addition, EEO supported the Cyprus Public Administration Academy (CAPA) in preparation of technical fiches either for national projects or interregional joint training activities for public officials (e.g. Neighborhood Programmes). EEO undertook the technical support of the Public Employment Service in Cyprus with a task to reorganize it and improve the administrative capacity.

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Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


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