Study for the redesign of active labour market policies and planning and identification of internal systems/procedures for the evaluation of the actions within the National Employment Service


The purpose of this project is to undertake a study aimed at redesigning active employment policies and planning and determining the internal evaluation system within the National Employment Service.


  • Inventory / mapping and identification of existing policy measures eg counselling unemployed, unemployed job programs, training programs, programs to promote entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Penetration of target groups
  • Rate of approval of applications
  • Implementation of approvals
  • Conclusions on the effectiveness of the implementation of current active employment policies
  • Assessment of the existing system of internal evaluation of active employment policies
  • Identification and design of concrete actions and measures by policy area in particular measures to combat youth unemployment
  • Identification of ways, and methods of implementing these actions and the level of implementation, ie central / regional / local, sectoral, etc.
  • Identifying the necessary agreements and the necessary institutional, administrative, etc. configuration / changes / changes on the active employment policies
  • Designing internal systems / mechanism for evaluating the ALMP
  • Identification of the necessary indicators for monitoring and evaluating ALMP
  • Defining and describing  the Operational Framework including the technical infrastructure and Information systems needed for the monitoring and evaluation
  • Design of mechanisms for effective administration and management of the Integrated Evaluation System
  • Identifying how the mechanism will be implemented including a description of the data collection system etc.
  • The study will include an analytical Action and Implementation Plan of the Active Labour Market Policies and the internal evaluation system


Areas of Expertise