Urban & Regional Development

EEO works closely with governments, companies and institutions to build an understanding of how IST will impact upon people, firms and communities, as well as how it can be harnessed to build knowledge of policies and initiatives. Areas of work include assistance to promotion of the country’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) system and its interconnection with the productive fabric, innovation policy and strategy in relation to social and economic development (from local to European scale).

In addition, EEO has a Special Unit for Urban & Regional Development. Its expertise is focused on assisting public authorities to improve competitiveness in the agricultural and forestry sectors, ameliorate quality of life in rural areas and differentiate the rural economy.

Improvement of the competitiveness and outward orientation of the national businesses and production system, placing special emphasis on the innovation factor is on the forefront for EU countries. Ιnnovation, science and technology (IST) development is essential for governments and businesses to maintain a competitive edge, particularly with the ongoing globalisation and EU enlargement. Development of healthy, sustainable and outward-oriented entrepreneurship and securing the natural, institutional and organisational conditions are strongly related to urban and regional development.

Provision of counselling Services and Training to SMEs in the Regions of Paphos and Limasol-CYPRUS: EEO provided consultancy services to SMEs in Cyprus, which included vocational orientation and career guidance, development and delivery of training methodologies, training material and curricula, implementation of training programme, etc.

National Survey for the determination of the business profile and business activity indicators of the Hellenic SMEs: In the framework of this project for the Hellenic Agency for SMEs (EOMMEX), EEO undertook a comprehensive field research and data analysis on the profile SMEs in Greece (with questionnaires and phone interviews –over 7000 SMEs in Greece), organised focus groups with SMEs relating to: SME financing, ICT, HRD, competition and other issues, and developed of indicators for the profiling of SMEs (demographic, economic, financial etc).

Assessment of the Programme PRAXE (Support to research units in the standardisation and commercial exploitation of research results by creating knowledge intensive spin-offs-Phase A): EEO examined and analysed the commercial exploitation of all the research projects funded by the PRAXE R&D Initiative in Greece. EEO compared the situation prior and after the PRAXE Initiative, assessed the implementation of the Initiative, investigated the impact on the research community and the market in general elected best practices and formulated specific suggestions for future action in the same or similar field taking into account the European and international practice.

Study relating to Agri-tourism development in the Ionian Islands: The purpose of the study was to analyse the agricultural and forestry sector in the Ionian Islands, with a view to redefining and prioritizing the needs of the region, after the reform of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in order to take it into account in the programming of the Community Structural Funds for the period 2003-2017 (NSRF). As part of the study, EEO assessed the problems and prospects of rural development in the region, identified new targets and strategic restructuring of the products cultivated, while a comprehensive plan and the development of specific interventions were finalised.

Head of Section

Dimitra Aleiferi

Project Manager


Areas of Expertise

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